Birds in our garden January 2012

birds in the garden13.1.2012

Male blackbird they enjoy the apples  that we kept from the autumn



Long-tailed tit, blue tit and great tit
in the feeder


staring they should be called vultures.
Tits in the sunflower seeds


Female chaffinch


house sparrow









Male and female chaffinch











Male and female blackbirds






The two females are always fighting over the apples even though there are plenty on the ground,



Magpies waiting their chance to get at the apples. they will only come down when I am not about.



chubby little blue tit


The acrobat





Blackbird  great  tit and chaffinch  the finch and tits eat the sunflower seeds the blackbird prefers the apples


Robin clearing up after the messy starlings  in the feeders




best photo of the Dunock so far.



Great tit in the feeder


two squirrels in the garden this morning  this one found a n acorn


this one prefers the sun flower seeds


Early birds

Blue tits are always on the feeders first light
blue tit
Male blackbird Waiting for the crumbs
Robin in the early morning sun

birds in the front garden,

These two shots are on as they are the only ones I managed to get of the greenfinch,
the past two days have been so dismal   I have only managed to get shots through the front room window and that also makes the shots darker .
there was about 30 tits  on the feeders today I may try and get a video tomorrow
even the sparrows are venturing inside the cage to feed.
the chaffinch was real busy in the shrubs catching whatever grubs came its way,
there are four Dunocks in the front garden  they only feed from whatever the tits spill from the feeders the ground


Juvenile male blackbird





This is a female Blackbird  never seen one with white spots before. but then a few hundred yards down the path in the park i came across a male with a white spot.


Yellow wagtail ( Motacillaflava )


Magpie on the entrance wall to the police station wonder if its been stealing something shiny.

Grey squirrel and magpie forraging on the police station green.

A lone mushroom. these are one day only seems they grow at night by dusk they turn into a slime.

The autmn falls gathering in the severn river

Bleeding pine tree. see next shot

As a boy in woodwork class we would boil this what is sap from the cut in a pine tree. once boiled it was glue, this is still used today by hand crafted wood furniture makers

Masters of camoflague the only time they are spotted is when they fly over the river in search of a moving grub.

Not a bad shot considering how far it was

Nice markings on its back or rump view

these are juvenile yellow wagtails

Dunnock (Prunella modularis)

Male blackbird.

Starlings gathering on the Poplar trees by St Mary's church.

Starlings in flight

starling arch

The Mallards elite meeting.

the common mallards meeting place

toadstool under the pine trees.

brew time for these canoeists. already they have done the five miles from Caersws, they said an average of 3 miles an hour and today they are hopeing to reach Welshpool some 14 miles down river.

These two guys are from the Chester area the guy waving is a Newtown man, his father still live here in Aberhafesp a vilage 4 miles out of town.

saw some very strange fun will post it tomorrow.

Birds in the garden

Can not wait for me to put the fork in the ground before its looking to see what the gardener has churned up it tends to go for the bugs and the smaller worms,

peek a boo. I put several big worms on the ground after digging them up , but it did not take one just prefered to scratch about looking for small worms and it ate a few centipedes. I suppose its like us having chicken but this has a hundred legs.

now the squirrels have got rid of all the hazel nuts it comes in the garden looking for the ripe fallen acorns.

Blue tit Cyanistes caeruleus

Spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata

Spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata

Spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata the partner seems to have some kind of grwth around the eyes

White throat .Sylvia communis

Mute Swan

This female mute swan is always on her own and always comes to the calm waters of the Severn that runs along Dolerw park.

here she is on take off for a two hundred yard dash up stream where she has a quiet spot for preening herself

preening time usually at eleven, but if the river is fast flowing she goes on the bank.

two blue tits discussing whether to have fat ball or peanuts,

sparrow on the fat ball

shall I keep it for later

eat it while its fresh

this way up

or is it this way

something very interesting in the tree bark

Magpies on the playing fields no matter how much I try this is as close as i can get to the magpie,

This looks like a good place to dive

the river here is quite shaded with the trees but I managed to get a good shot as they came into the sun ray,showing the iridescent green on one of the drakes heads.

then there was two green heads

one diver left

diver no 2.

further up stream there was some kind of ritual going onnot often does one see five drakes and two hens. the drakes are all in mating plumage.

Not so good a light again but I think this is a Redstart, Phoenicurus torquata, I hope it is as its a first again for me,

And its Silhouette. My new website is in the making. there Iwill be putting all the wildlife  photos  I have taken over the past 3 months,                                              will put a link on when the site is up and running ,


Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)

mallard's play time

Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos and Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)
on the severn river near St Mary’s church  in Newtown Powys.

and away it goes down stream,
Something else was trying to get in the river today,   over the past few months I have had the pleasure of seeing a shopping trolley,park bench,footballs traffic cones a waste paper bin or rather a doggy poo park bin and today this unusual sight of a bicycle looks like the owner  missed the water while doing a jump off the dolerw park suspension bridge,  I hope the silly **** has broken his neck

it takes two minutes to get to the river from the bridge and the seat had dissapeared

Squrrel collecting acorns, The acorn, or oak nut, is the nut of the oaks and their close relatives (genera Quercus and Lithocarpus, in the family Fagaceae).

the Quarry gardens Shrewsbury


robin in the Quarry gardens Shrewsbury

juvenile blackbird in the Quarry gardens Shrewsbury

Hercules front
Hercules rear and the squirrels are looking for places to put their nuts for the winter

the limes in the park


Squirrels in the park

Grey squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis (Rodentia)