spiders in the bathtub,

spiders in the bathtub, these are all in my garden,

5/9/11, biggest spider to date was crawling on the kitchen floor , kitten wanted it to play with herA female Tegenaria domestica, this is the one usually tries to keep us out of the tub,

all these spiders have been photographed in our garden in mid wales

A male Tegenaria domestica

Garden Orb spiderAraneus diadematusTHE GARDEN CROSS SPIDER,

the cresh of the cobweb spider before being disturbed
the spiders cresh,

Pisaura mirabilis, guarding the young

sunbathing wolf spider pardo lugubrisa


Long jawed orb weaver

Tetragnatha montana

pisaura mirabilis


Lace-webbed spider, Amourobidae.

Laced-web spider with young


Spiders in our garden