Yellow wagtail ( Motacillaflava )


Magpie on the entrance wall to the police station wonder if its been stealing something shiny.

Grey squirrel and magpie forraging on the police station green.

A lone mushroom. these are one day only seems they grow at night by dusk they turn into a slime.

The autmn falls gathering in the severn river

Bleeding pine tree. see next shot

As a boy in woodwork class we would boil this what is sap from the cut in a pine tree. once boiled it was glue, this is still used today by hand crafted wood furniture makers

Masters of camoflague the only time they are spotted is when they fly over the river in search of a moving grub.

Not a bad shot considering how far it was

Nice markings on its back or rump view

these are juvenile yellow wagtails

Dunnock (Prunella modularis)

Male blackbird.

Starlings gathering on the Poplar trees by St Mary's church.

Starlings in flight

starling arch

The Mallards elite meeting.

the common mallards meeting place

toadstool under the pine trees.

brew time for these canoeists. already they have done the five miles from Caersws, they said an average of 3 miles an hour and today they are hopeing to reach Welshpool some 14 miles down river.

These two guys are from the Chester area the guy waving is a Newtown man, his father still live here in Aberhafesp a vilage 4 miles out of town.

saw some very strange fun will post it tomorrow.


The Coal Tit. Periparus ater

The Isabelline Wheatear, Oenanthe isabellina. shots where taken high up on the cliff top above Aberystwyth

The Isabelline Wheatear, Oenanthe isabellina,  thank you Bob for its I D .Bobs blog is on .

Cormorants on the rock bellow the cliffs at Aberystwyth

The Coal Tit, Periparus ater, presumably Irish Coal Tit, P. a. hibernicus (note yellowish cheeks and breast)

Another poppy opened this morning by noon it was fully open. the yellow Rose is a June/July flowering species,All we need now is some frost that will put a stop to the plants that are still flowering

20.10.11 moon at 8.30

Spotted flycatcher

One of the pair of flycatchers is darker than the other so its either an adult and juvenile or a male and female.

Wood pigeon just taking a nap.

the monkey puzzle tree on fire

Male Juvenile blackbird in the thorn tree

Robin sheltering from the rain

one of the midges

this midge is almost moth like.

the midge on the window

The Coal Tit, Periparus ater

Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus


Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus.

18 months ago  i shot these Stilt  that where on a small strip of water near the tombs of El-Kab.  and if you want to see the tombs please go to
We are in El Kab  this photo was taken of the small pond just outside the village where the Stilts where photographed.

by Picasa

Whitethroat,Sylvia communis

Whitethroat,Sylvia communis another one that comes to the comunial feeder

Whitethroat,a bit windswept

blue tit on the peanut feeder

Great tit on the peanut feeder

another one with young somewhere

The Eurasian Treecreeper or Common Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)

so fast it must be on a timer on each tree

a bit better shot as it passed for a grub

almost a blurr as it heads on up the tree,

I put the flash on to get this one that was the last straw it must have thought as it went round the back of the tree..

Dipper, Cinclus cinclus

Dipper on A stone in the river severn Dolerw park Newtown

not a bad shot from 50yards

RobinErithacus rubecula in the false acasia tree waiting its turn on the feed table

one of the juveniles on the bird table.


Robin waiting for a worm to surface  after I dug a patch in the back garden,
Robin on a roof in Caernarvon

Robin in the Quarry gardens Shrewsbury

Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)

Wood pigeon sitting on her nest, mid September seems a bit late for a hatch. but mother nature knows best!

bit of a bad landing

testing the water

and now for a sip of severn river water

Great Tit Parus major,the rest of the tits are on

Pair of juvenile Jackdaws

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