Birds in our garden January 2012

birds in the garden13.1.2012

Male blackbird they enjoy the apples  that we kept from the autumn



Long-tailed tit, blue tit and great tit
in the feeder


staring they should be called vultures.
Tits in the sunflower seeds


Female chaffinch


house sparrow









Male and female chaffinch











Male and female blackbirds






The two females are always fighting over the apples even though there are plenty on the ground,



Magpies waiting their chance to get at the apples. they will only come down when I am not about.



chubby little blue tit


The acrobat





Blackbird  great  tit and chaffinch  the finch and tits eat the sunflower seeds the blackbird prefers the apples


Robin clearing up after the messy starlings  in the feeders




best photo of the Dunock so far.



Great tit in the feeder


two squirrels in the garden this morning  this one found a n acorn


this one prefers the sun flower seeds


Early birds

Blue tits are always on the feeders first light
blue tit
Male blackbird Waiting for the crumbs
Robin in the early morning sun

birds in the front garden,

These two shots are on as they are the only ones I managed to get of the greenfinch,
the past two days have been so dismal   I have only managed to get shots through the front room window and that also makes the shots darker .
there was about 30 tits  on the feeders today I may try and get a video tomorrow
even the sparrows are venturing inside the cage to feed.
the chaffinch was real busy in the shrubs catching whatever grubs came its way,
there are four Dunocks in the front garden  they only feed from whatever the tits spill from the feeders the ground


Juvenile male blackbird





This is a female Blackbird  never seen one with white spots before. but then a few hundred yards down the path in the park i came across a male with a white spot.