Starlings in Aberystwyth

The starling and the house sparrow at the feeder

coming in pairs to the feeder.

starlings roosting in the telephone mast near the Station in Newtown
The Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) trying their wings befire heading off out in the fields for the day
Now we know where the wood pigeons roost at night in Newtown
Dovey estuary rail bridge just after Dovey junction station where the rail splits for the North Wales coast line.
Canadian geese on the Unis hir rspb wildfowl trust on Dovey estuary
rspb unis hir
unis hir rspb nature reserve photos taken from Ariva train travelling at about 80 mph.
End of the journey or the start . Aberystwyth Station. go to my blog to see the photos of the station and Aberystwyth
the capstan on the sea front in Aberystwyth .
the sea front in Aberystwyth looking towards the north of Wales coast line.
Juvenile Herring Gull.
Give us a chip.
Feral pigeons and the gulls share the beach.
Red kite being harrased by the crow shot taken on the Rheidol valley steam train heading towards devils bridge
Grey wagtail lots of these flighty birds around devils bridge getting a good shot was impossible.
wagtail scurrying around chasing grubs

House sparrow and one of the easiest of birds to photograph

Not only birds flying about around Devils Bridhe a few RAF tornados on manouvers.

and an uncut photo shows how far away they are even for the 100×400 with 1.4 extender lens.
Magpie in full flight getting away from the guy with a camera
Adult herring gull
Cormorants and a The Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)on the rocks off the castle point Aberystwyth
Cormorants juvenile and adult Herring gulls, Great Black-backed Gull off the castle point.

Starling Sturnus vulgarus

The Rock Pipit, Anthus petrosus,an the stones of the south shore jetty Aberystwyth

flighty little birds these pipits

Herring gulls and a cormorant. off the west shore jetty

Mute swans near the lifeboat station Aberystwyth

Captain herring gull with its young

The Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

Kittywake juvenile

Starlings bathing in the fresh water outlet Aberystwyth

Starlings on the roofs of the houses near the old college.

starlings on the Church tower next to the old college building

5.jpg”>the common staerling,

Carion crow and raven

starlings in Aberystwyth

the moon at dusk 1.11.11

they say there are about 12000 birds most land on the Old university roof before going to roost under the pier


the College roof go to my web page to see the proximity of all the roofs to the pier .

starlings in the thousands around the old college building . just before the sun goes down they go to roost under the pier

Kittiwakes on the rocks with Aberystwth promenade shot taken from the cenetaph point

the kittywakes leaving to roost for the night.


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