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 My thanks go to the land owner  and his grandson Rhys  for giving me permission to roam on the land freely’ this post will be spread over the coming week.

The cattle grid on the lane to Brimmon hill farm. The only reason I went over the grid was I saw some mushrooms and Today I had set my mind on looking and photographing mushrooms hopefully colourful toadstools!

click on the pic  you will see the white spots. one on the first hill and the other bellow the pole.

on leaving the house I shot these puff fungi that had shot up through the drive tarmacadam .

Now I have the book I may as well go look for some fungi.

this big one is edible and there was lots of them in the field not all like this some flat ones small button type there was also a few poisenous fungi.

One hedge hill .

some had already been picked at,, I wonder what kind of bug eats poison fungi.

A real friendly Shire stallion came galloping over  to see who I was and was I friendly.

look into my big brown Eyes.

Rhys's dad putting the impliments in store for the winter

Grand father and grandson get to watch Cris the worker

grand old barn on the old farm

looks like the two boys are taking after dad and put all the impliments under cover

an old chaffer this was turned by an engine via a pulley belt older ones had a big wheel with a handle on for turning

inside the circular part there is a wheel with two blades that would chop up whatever was put in the chaffer usually fodder beet or turnips for winter fodder for the animals

still a few harebells about

quite a few signs of rabbits in the hedgerows but no sightings.the only rabbit I saw today was in St Davids cemetary on the way home

moss growing on everything near the almost dry brook

this area once was where they piped water to the farm,

here one can see where they damed the brook and fixed two water pipes

then a connection to another pipe leading to another dam

heading for fungi country or I thought I was.

hard to id this fungi

nice flock not sure whats up with her coat ? and no english jokes please.

Maybe its the latest demonstration,, we do not want dogs on our land,, had a duck demonstration on the way home .

This demonstration was about bread,,, we need corn the were quacking

head ing back to the farmyard down the old lane I passed this nice shaped oak tree then noticed the sign on the impliment and hay barn

G & T Evans Aadfa the firm is still going but have moved to the mochdre industrial estate here in Newtown. they do not make the barns anymore but one can buy all one needs to build one call D I Y if you like. or call on Gareth Agrimont Depot Station Yard Abermule Montgomery, Powys SY15 6NH Tel : 01686 630 500 ..

a tree trunk in need of some wood worm treatment.I think these worms have steel teeth looking at the size of them holes

Just love the woodland areas with its natural art work

another shot of the tree notice the reed bed no sign of water here but its been quite a a dry month,

most of these hill farmers make thier own quarries the stone is no good as a building material but ideal as fill ,I,E under the roads etc,

a crane fly, just hanging around

another mushroom this what i was looking for so you may as well see the ones i did shoot, and looking at the mushroom its a damn good shot not excactly centre but, just kidding! its been eaten by a very articulate bug .

a puff ball the one next to it was ripe and it let out this dark coloured powder.

the ripe puff ball

tiny flies on a dandilion flower

A Small Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis urticae on the thisle plant a few of these around on the lower fields near the mushrooms.


The Eurasian Treecreeper or Common Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)

so fast it must be on a timer on each tree

a bit better shot as it passed for a grub

almost a blurr as it heads on up the tree,

I put the flash on to get this one that was the last straw it must have thought as it went round the back of the tree..



Horizontal vapour streams the 7.30 for dalaman and 6.28 ireland from Mancester airport virtical streams are from birmingham airport both are about 80 miles away from where I live

By 8.00 the clouds had set in  as per usual.


Mallard ducks

Three pairs of Mallard ducks on the River Severn in Newtown powys

one of the female enjoying the river

Female goosander on the River severn in Newtown Powys

oops "someone is wathing


White crested duck.

thats the end of tis elecric 4x4 bike


Dipper, Cinclus cinclus

Dipper on A stone in the river severn Dolerw park Newtown

not a bad shot from 50yards

RobinErithacus rubecula in the false acasia tree waiting its turn on the feed table

one of the juveniles on the bird table.


Robin waiting for a worm to surface  after I dug a patch in the back garden,
Robin on a roof in Caernarvon

Robin in the Quarry gardens Shrewsbury

Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)

Wood pigeon sitting on her nest, mid September seems a bit late for a hatch. but mother nature knows best!

bit of a bad landing

testing the water

and now for a sip of severn river water

Great Tit Parus major,the rest of the tits are on

Pair of juvenile Jackdaws


Pair of cheese knives and almost an ambigram

Pair of Daisies, bellis perennis and a soldier fly

Pair of red clover flowers Trifolium pratense

Pair of juvenile Jackdaws

Pair of hand rails on Dolerw park bridge


Pair of house flies.calliphora vicina

Pair of flies on a flower

Pair of Mole hills

Pair of Prunus spinosa,known locally as (blackthorn or sloe) interesting what can be made from this fruit. the wood itself is a favourite of stick makers as its a very hard wood for making shepherd crooks.

Pair of quince fruit the fruit grows on the stem of the bush much different in shape to the quince grownin other countries see wiks link.

Pair of toadstools

Pair of coxs apples and a pair of chimneys,

pair of eyes and a pair of kids wellies

Pair of boulders to stop lorries parking on the grass

Pair of Containers outside a factory

Pair of Gable ends on the Vets house

Pair old Railway houses

Pair of Garage doors

Pair of Heathers in a pot

Pair of squirrels in an Oak tree.

Pair of cones on the Monkey tree

Pair of firethorn bushes

Pair of Birds on the bird bath, Juvenile blackbird (male)and a sparrow (male)

Pair of birds in the dead pine tree, looks like a crow and a collard Dove.

Pair of white bottom bumble-bees on a dahlia flower

All of the pairs are from our garden 16/9/2011

A pair of pears

Pair of Apples almost ready for picking

Pair of figs should be edible in a month

Pair of ripe figs

Two pairs of figs ready for eating

pair of tiny Millipedes, arthropods

Pair of modern clothes pegs

Pair of horse chestnuts seeds"conkers"

Pair of horse chestnut seeds in the pod

Pair of oak seeds" acorns"

Pair of cyclamin flowers

Pair of german wasps taking the suger out of a pair of rotten pears

The German wasp, or European wasp, Vespula germanica

Pair of nastersium flowers

Pair of lavender flowers

Pair of teasle seed heads

Pair of blackberies

A pair of bugs in hand

A pair of wild violets

Pair of rose of sharon seeds

Pair of snails

Pair of tiny blue flowers

Pair of seeds in an open pod

Pair of pink poppies

Pair of snap dragon flowers all thats left on this years plants

Pair of rose buds

Pair of our home grown red hot chillies

Pair of our home grown even hotter than red hot chillies

pair of tomatoes

This afternoon I took a walk to town and saw lots more pairs of things someI dare not photograph

Pair of marows on the allotment

A beech tree scarthat looks like a bottom so its a pair of cheeks

pair of locks

Pair of toadstools

Pair of slatted vents in the tower of St mary's church see the link bellow

Pair of sparrows eating the firethorn berries

pair of mallards hasve a splash

Pair of birds rook and a magpie in the park

pair of birds a rook and a wood pigeon in the park

pair of lambs-tails on the hazel tree

Pair of mallards on the severn river

the rest of the photos on PAIRS are from photos already on my blogs or from the archives its amazing how many things we have in pairs ,


pair of frog eyes ,

Pair of red admiral butterfly antenai.

Pair of towers, doors and stained glass windows on St Davids Church.

Pair of replica Austrian coaches made for welahpool Llanfair cairienion steam railway

Pair of original luguage racks in the original carriage

Pair of diesel powered shunting engines on the Welshpool narrow guage steam railway

Pair of Pheasants, not a brace ! a brace is a male and female. shot taken from the Welshpool steam train

pair of fattening calves with the mother

Pair of wooden arch braces on a wooden bridge over the river in Llanfaircairenion

Pair of Mute Swans with a pair of sygnets

Pair of Canadian Geese

Pair of cormorants

Pair of spotted wings on the Speckled Wood butterfly

Pair of Cinnabar moth catterpillars

Pair of honey bees on a flower head

Pair of weather cocks In Montgomery.

Pair of fungi growing on a dead Downy birch tree

Pair of flyers on the Brook thistle

Pair of Siamese in a playfull mood

Pair of big guns outside of Shrewsbury Castle Military Museum the guns are ahowitzer and twenty five pounder

Pair of Canal lock gates at Welspool

Odd Pair Owl and Cat a theme in our Garden

Pair of Cats in the Garden

Pair of jumpers

Pair of ferral pigeons

Pair of Peruvian music lovers

Pair of sand Martins catching flies over the River Severn nr doughtys rail bridge

Pair of steel railway bridges doughytys bridge Penstrowed Newtown

Pair of birds bathing after a shower Male blackbird and male sparrow

Pair in a boat ,the owl and the pussy cat a painting by our niece.. link bellow

Pair of Great Tits, Parus major

wounded Great Tit, Parus major

he looks quite ok from this angle as he came in to feed.

from this angle one can see the damage to its wing

it does not seem to have any difficulty flying so he maybe ok.

another great tit under the bench looking for grubs

faraging for grubs

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